Sunday, September 14, 2008

A nice comment

Was on Coffeesnobs today and someone had posted this on a "Best coffee in Melbourne" thread.

"Had a nice ristretto in a cafe somewhere near the casino....just strolling by and loved the name (The Guava Bean) and great coloured machine at the front...but the coffee was good, if you are in that area." - Buff

That was before the moderator shut the thread down due to there being a strict rule on how members with less than 50 post not allowed to post reviews of cafes. Sad.

Nevertheless, it's great to see yet another person enjoying our coffee at Guava Bean. I do remember this person actually, he's probably the first and so far the only person that has ordered a ristretto.

Thanks Buff, whoever you are.

But on a sad note, I busted my thumb today trying to put stuff from Ikea into my car. I hope that it'll heal before I get to work on Tuesday. Otherwise my coffee making will definitely be affected. It's swollen now and I did hear and feel a crunch as I was trying to fit the pram into the car with some shelving stuff under it.


greg said...

heyy get well soon.

Blue Chip Espresso said...

Yeah, hate all the censorhsip that goes along with snobs. Still, always great to get some positive feedback. Keep up the good work!!

Can't wait to come down and grab a shot or two next time i'm in melbourne =D

E-Gene Soh said...

Thanks. Well, if I'm ever in Adelaide I'll pop by as well.

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