Saturday, September 20, 2008

The review is UP....and it's good.

Finally, after what must have been over 50 visits to the Melbourne Coffee Review page, hitting refresh a million times over, it's up! And like I said in the title, it's good! Here's the link to the review

Thanks Steve for the great review...and you know what, I didn't even have to pay him for it! Glad that someone out there enjoys what we have to offer because what's the point if we try and try and not one really enjoys/appreciates it.

One another note, I dropped by the Brunswick East Project today for a coffee. It's a little roastery/cafe up on Lygon street in er...Brunswick East. They are the roasters of Padre Coffee. Anyway we had planned to got there for lunch only to realise that they do only coffee and muffins. Well that didn't phase be even though it did my friends who were hungry.

There was something about the place that I really liked. Not the Synesso they had or the bright setting or even the nice cup of coffee that I had, but it was the person who ran it and the passion that he had for it. His name is Marinus and he's the owner of Padre coffee. I spent a good hour there I believe and while my friends had moved onto Gingerlee for lunch, I was deep in conversation with Marinus about coffee, coffee accessories, his previous ventures, my previous ventures, etc. It was only till my wife gave me a nudge that I realised how much time had passed. I love it when I get to hae a good engaging converstion about something that we both have a passion for, even just to hear a person speak about his own passion about anything is enough to make me feel like I'm involved somehow.

All in all, today has been a great day. Great morning at Crema catching up with an old customer, then chatting with Marinus at Brunswick East Project, then lunch at Gingerlee with good friends, then I had a great time chatting with Dean from Vespa House and picking up my Vespa S LX 125 (sorry mum), and then coming home to find out that our review on Melbourne Coffee Review is up.



pinto said...

Good is an understatement. It's positively glowing! Congrats! =) (Must try when I next visit Melbourne... not sure when that will be though.)

Steve AGI said...

Great stuff what about taking the plunge and being an official Melbourne coffe Review HOTSHOT cafe, give me a call to go over what it takes, Steve

Steve AGI said... need to stop visiting though bro...........keep on caffiening on dude! Because life is too short to drink bad coffee...thank God for Melbourne Coffee Review!!!!!

jules (adel) said...

i enjoyed what is possibly the best cup of coffee this afternoon from G.B and it's such a shame i've discovered it so late into my trip to melb! & just to top off the great coffee, friendly staff.

Steve AGI said...

Hey Jules, hope Melbourne Coffee Review helped u find these guys..... Keep on caffiening on!!!

Anonymous said...

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