Saturday, July 19, 2008

Compak K10 WBC Mod

Did a simple mod to my K10. The difference between the K10 WBC and the K10, aside from its price, is the auto cutoff.

But for some reason, probably cos it's easier, Compak left the plastic contraption still there on the WBC version. So I took it off. That way it gives me a better view of the doser and it also gives me better access to the grind chute.

The grind chute on the K10 is really deep and I think it probably holds about 20gms of coffee before it drops, so now by taking the plastic contraption I have full access to it so I can give it a good clean when I need to.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New toys

Just got my Vac Pot in the mail yesterday and am going to find some time to play with it soon. It looks something like the one in the video. I'm using the video as reference for how best to use my Vac Pot/Coffee Syphon.

Another new toy is my Compak K10 WBC that I just received from Talkcoffee. Got to find some space on my bench to test it out as well.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mazzer Mini Mod - Part 1

Finally I get a chance to post about the mods I've done to my Mazzer Mini. I think that everyone agrees about how messy the Mazzers can be. I mean, as good as they are, they have their flaws and one of them is that the doser chamber doesn't sweep very clean. And for home users, it can be a real pain because you obviously don't want to waste any of that $20 - $40 a kg coffee that you bought. Thus the term Black Gold.

Anyway, the first thing is to take the doser apart. That involves using a flat head screw driver and unscrewing the middle screw. Then you unscrew the entire doser star anti-clockwise until it comes off. Underneath the doser star, you'll see 2 smaller flathead screws that you can remove to take apart the doser star as well.

This is what you should see at the end of it.

I then applied the cloth tape to the doser according to the but I made mine a little longer which in retrospect may not be such a great idea.

I also applied tape to the doser star "top part" so that it sweeps clean over the drop chute cover. The pictures probably tell a better story.

As with the problem of the grind getting spat over over the middle of the doser, I applied a flap over the chute so that the grind drop directly down into the chambers and not all over the doser. And with the flap, I can still lift it up to sweep all the remaining grind out of the chute.

I haven't made any modifications to the drop chute yet and it's still dropping left a lot, but I've learnt not to clack it too quickly and that helps.

Will continue to look at how to improve the doser's messiness as I ran out of beans the last few days and haven't had much time to test. Stay tuned.