Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Receiving my first coffee/cafe review

Something really exciting happened yesterday at Guava Bean. A man by the name of Steve Agi from Melbourne Coffee Review popped by the shop for a coffee. He ordered his espresso and then a flat white to take away but didn't really mention anything about who he was. Anyway Soosh made Steve his coffee and Steve proceeded to pay for his coffee and it was then that he told me who he was.

I admit that I got a little nervous then because I wasn't sure if Soosh had done justice to our coffee but Steve seemed pleased and we had a little chat about how Dave Makin had asked him to come check us out. Nice.

Anyway to cut the long story short. Seong-Lee (my business partner) received a letter in the mail today and it came from Steve at Melbourne Coffee Review. It was a certificate of sorts to er...certify that we had received a rating of 2 beans for the cafe! If you want to know the rating system here it is:

1 bean = bloody worth looking up
2 beans = something extra ordinary here
3 Beans = close to sex

I mean, I think that if we had received 1 bean that would already be fantastic but to receive 2 beans makes me feel like our efforts have not gone to waste. It's good to see that my love for good coffee has translated to the cafe actually serving our great coffee as well.

Actually the story goes that apparently when Dave Makin told Steve Agi about Guava Bean, Steve told him that he had already been receiving emails from people to some check us out. Woohoo!

What can I say, it feels good and if anything, it makes me determined to keep up if not improve on our standards of coffee in Guava Bean.