Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Queenscliff Holiday

Just came back from 2 nights in Queenscliff, west past Geelong and it was great. Well, the weather was abysmal as it pretty much rained the 2 days that we were there. So much that we didn't even get to go down to the pier, well, we pretty much didn't make use of the fact that we were in a sea side town.

Lots of cafes in this little town. Lots of different coffee suppliers there, Gigante, Grinders, Di Manfredi, Piazza D'oro just to name a few. And of course, none to rave about. Did see a place that claim to have the 'best coffee in town', but didn't dare venture into unknown territory. Though I must say that the Gigante that we tried in Athelstane House was pretty decent, not burnt I mean.

On the way back we made a trip to a winery for lunch called Pettavel and the food and service there was awesome. Coffee was average, but I guess it is a winery not a cafe so that's forgivable. I had the Venison served pink and the texture of the meat was smooth and though the portions were "fine dining" size, there was such a flavourful little piece of meat.

Plus they gave us a more than required discount when we used our Entertainment Book Gold Card. Thumbs up to them! I mean, for a restaurant in the middle of nowhere 5kms out from Geelong it was quite crowded for a weekday lunch.

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